"...the average galactic citizen does not fear the Dark Jedi he cannot see, does not think much of the Star Destroyer that circles beyond the clouds. He fears the Stormtrooper down the street, inside the garrison built to ensure that citizens do not step out of line."
 - Surface Marshal Fury, Army Prefect

Welcome to the home of Iron Horse, the premier squad of the Vast Empire Army.

Once heralded as the greatest assembly of troops in the Empire, Iron Horse has a proud history of service. The first squad in existence, its past is filled with the tradition of honor and excellence. It remains the only squad to be called "elite" and wear the coveted blood-red armor.

A few years ago, as hard times befell the Army, Iron Horse was forced to disband. Its proud members were scattered to the wind.  However, these troopers took their stories and experiences with them to their new homes. Over time, Iron Horse's legacy grew, and tales of their exploits served as inspiration for the remaining squads. Through this, the spirit of Iron Horse thrived until its inevitable rebirth.

This site is dedicated to the next generation of Iron Horse led by Senior Sergeant Kami Sharpe. Their mission: to restore the squad to its former glory, and return the title of "elite" to its rightful place.